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GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition

そういや、"GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition"ってもう来月発売でしたか。




Section 1: Scientific Simulation

State of GPU Computing in Scientific Simulation

1: GPU-Accelerated Computation and Interactive Display of Molecular Orbitals
2: Large-Scale Chemical Informatics on GPUs
3: Dynamical Quadrature Grids: Applications in Density Functional Calculations
4: Fast Molecular Electrostatics Algorithms on GPUs
5: Quantum Chemistry: Propagation of Electronic Structure on GPU
6: An Efficient CUDA Implementation of the Tree-based Barnes Hut n-Body Algorithm
7: Leveraging the Untapped Computation Power of GPUs: Fast Spectral Synthesis Using Texture Interpolation
8: Black Hole Simulations with CUDA
9: Treecode and Fast Multipole Method for N-body Simulation with CUDA
10: Wavelet-based Density Functional Theory Calculation on Massively Parallel Hybrid Architectures

Section 2: Life Sciences

State of GPU Computing in Life Sciences

11: Accurate Scanning of Sequence Databases with the Smith-Waterman Algorithm
12: Massive Parallel Computing to Accelerate Genome-Matching
13: GPU-Supercomputer Acceleration of Pattern Matching
14: GPU Accelerated RNA Folding Algorithm
15: Temporal Data Mining for Neuroscience

Section 3: Statistical Modeling

State of GPU Computing in Statistical Modeling

16: Parallelization Techniques for Random Number Generations
17: Monte Carlo Photon Transport on the GPU
18: High Performance Iterated Function Systems

Section 4: Emerging Data-intensive Applications

State of GPU Computing in Data-intensive Applications

19: Large Scale Machine Learning
20: Multiclass Support Vector Machine
21: Template Driven Agent Based Modeling and Simulation with CUDA
22: GPU-Accelerated Ant Colony Optimization

Section 5: Electronic Design Automation

State of GPU Computing in Electronic Design Automation

23: High Performance Gate-Level Simulation with GP-GPUs
24: GPU-Based Parallel Computing for Fast Circuit Optimization

Section 6: Ray Tracing and Rendering

State of GPU Computing in Ray Tracing and Rendering

25: Lattice-Boltzmann Lighting Models
26: Path Regeneration for Random Walks
27: From Sparse Mocap to Highly-detailed Facial Animation
28: A Programmable Graphics Pipeline in CUDA for Order Independent Transparency

Section 7: Computer Vision

State of GPU Computing in Computer Vision

29: Fast Graph Cuts for Computer Vision
30: Visual Saliency Model on Multi-GPU
31: Real-Time Stereo on GPGPU Using Progressive Multi-Resolution Adaptive Windows
32: Real-Time Speed-Limit-Sign Recognition on an Embedded System Using a GPU
33: Haar Classifiers for Object Detection with CUDA

Section 8: Video and Image Processing

State of GPU Computing in Video and Image Processing
34: Experiences on Image and Video Processing with CUDA and OpenCL
35: Connected Component Labeling in CUDA
36: Image Demosaicing

Section 9: Signal and Audio Processing

State of GPU Computing in Signal and Audio Processing
37: Efficient Automatic Speech Recognition on the GPU
38: Parallel LDPC Decoding
39: Large-Scale Fast Fourier Transform

Section 10: Medical Imaging

State of GPU Computing in Medical Imaging
40: GPU Acceleration of Iterative Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
41: Parallelization of Katsevich CT Image Reconstruction Algorithm on Generic Multi-Core Processors and GPGPU
42: 3-D Tomographic Image Reconstruction from Randomly Ordered Lines with CUDA
43: Using GPUs to Learn Effective Parameter Settings for GPU-Accelerated Iterative CT Reconstruction Algorithms
44: Using GPUs to Accelerate Advanced MRI Reconstruction with Field Inhomogeneity Compensation
45: l1 Minimization in l1-SPIRiT Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction
46: Medical Image Processing Using GPU-accelerated ITK Image Filters
47: Deformable Volumetric Registration Using B-splines
48: Multi-scale Unbiased Diffeomorphic Atlas Construction on Multi-GPUs
49: GPU-accelerated Brain Connectivity Reconstruction and Visualization in Large-Scale Electron Micrographs
50: Fast Simulation of Radiographic Images Using a Monte Carlo X-Ray Transport Algorithm Implemented in CUDA

GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition (Applications of GPU Computing Series)
GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition (Applications of GPU Computing Series)Wen-mei W. Hwu

Morgan Kaufmann 2011-02-09
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