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I3D 2020のILMやルーカスフィルムのバーチャルプロダクションやLEDウォール周りのUE4の話の基調講演

いよいよ、I3D 2020目前ですがライブ配信のページは準備ができてるみたいですね。





まずは、15日のこれですが、ILMとルーカスフィルムからということみたいですね。スターウォーズの最近の作品(ミレニアムファルコンやマンダロリアン)でのリアルタイムレンダリングやバーチャルプロダクションの話ですね。こちらはLED displaysとあるのですが、LEDウォールでしょうね。

Title: Real-Time Rendering At Lucasfilm: Working with The Coolest Toys In The Galaxy

Abstract: From 1980's point-and-click adventure games to the ILM StageCraft tool suite used for The Mandalorian television series, real-time rendering has been woven throughout Lucasfilm's history. The mix of game technology and feature film visual effects expertise has produced many unique projects at Lucasfilm, including the interactive theme-park ride Star Wars: Millennium Falcon – Smugglers Run, the Academy Award-winning virtual reality experience Carne y Arena, and the groundbreaking advances in virtual production culminating in capturing final pixels in camera using ILM StageCraft on The Mandalorian. We will discuss the technical challenges we faced on these projects, as well as the opportunity they afforded us to work with some of the coolest toys in the galaxy: eight-GPU monster PCs, pre-release virtual reality headsets, custom motion capture hardware, 20' high wraparound LED displays, and feature film assets from some of the world's most beloved media properties.


続いて、こちらはEpic Gamesですね。こちらもバーチャルプロダクションに絡んだものだともいますが、LEDウォールの話がでるようですね。LEDウォールは、LEDスクリーンにCG背景投影してグリーンバックと違い役者がそのまま背景と合わせて演技や撮影ができる利点がありますが、UE4でレンダリングってことなんでしょうね。

Title: Creating In-Camera VFX with Real-Time Workflows

Abstract: This session will cover advancements in “in-camera visual effects” and how this technique is changing the film and TV industry. With software developments in real-time game engines, combined with hardware developments in GPUs and on-set video equipment, filmmakers can now capture final pixel visual effects while still on set – enabling new levels of creative collaboration and efficiency during principal photography. These new developments allow changes to digital scenes, even those at final pixel quality, to be seen instantly on high-resolution LED walls – an exponential degree of time savings over a traditional CG rendering workflow. This is crucial as there is a huge demand for more original film and TV content, and studios must find a way to efficiently scale production and post-production while maintaining high quality and creative intent.

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« I3D 2020がオンライン開催でもうすぐ | トップページ | I3D 2020の予稿集が公開に »